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The New York Polyclinic— This institution has increased
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for the year 1851, which contains the usual details of such documents, re-
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of Medical Practitioners, Justices of the Peace, and Asy-
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25 per cent application of nitrate of sil- ever, he advocates reserving the iodides
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tension has been employed. After this method has been
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limit of excess more readily reached than in wines. The same observa-
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yond two grains to six ounces. He approves of changing the
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Glasgow Lyi:^g-in Hospit.^l. — At a meeting of tlie
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Whatever truth there may be in any of these surmises, this
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iiud died in a precisely similar manner. Dr. C. was unable to
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operation is reported by J. W. Bov6e,* who defines the term as
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The left heart is the arterial side, and receives and transmits the
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case of locomotor ataxia in a boy aged eight and one-half
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concealed haemorrhage, and in the second of his own two cases Findley
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identical, but in the first the effoct on the large intestine was much
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men of the old Medical Faculty, but ridicule, sarcasm,
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5"5 per cent : and from ten to fifteen years to 2 - 5 per cent. Erom this date
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groin they are usually due to venereal disease or psoas abscess; about the
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exceptionally, as has been described above, the transposition
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stored in damp places, but Vedder has shown that storing undermilled rice in a damp
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tant murmur, except that it is not heard to the left of
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ever, the patient has mental and physical vigor; if
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tioners and approved societies should be directed to the
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their use. And while we consider this and all similar
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scarlatiua, not being, at that time, well acquainted