monia, and it was fully two months before he completely
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purulent secretion is likewise contagious. This is almost identical with
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the State of North Carolina, I was appointed Chairman of the Committee
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and covered with a clammy sweat ; the hands shrivel and have a sod-
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point ; and I do not think that any one has seriously
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instrument capable of holding the heavy organ in situ. Besides the
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psydiical features of the case. Moreover, this may be
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examined. In 1840, Shattuck of Boston published in thie American
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Malta fever is a general infection not unlike other specific bactepi-
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case from which they were derived ; for notes of this case he was indebted
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defecation. Cases of true spermatorrhoea are far less ftnequent than bat
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were brought together with silkworm-gut, and the vagina was
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station ; and the public are already in posses«.ionof the practical
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in biochemistry or in the United Nations when we met
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lowing resolution : — " Tuberculin is an excellent
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on the other side of the neck. The wounds were closed
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Dr. Alt there was well-marked sympathetic ophthalmia with
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county of Meath, a chalybeate found near Athlone, and the
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for instance, we find the mucous membrane of the stomach very red,
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fluids of warm-blooded animals. The eighth chapter is devoted to a
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Part 3. Syphilis of the Posterior Extremities with Other
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