on his hands — as well as discolored spots on his clothes — from the ejected

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Dr. Ealph Steiner (ear, nose and throat) related several cases of

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would say before the command "fire," "may the Lord have mercy

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Dr. McKernon^s paper dealt with the "Treatment of Complica-

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A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1908, and M. D., 1912 ; Ph. D., 1914 ; Fellow

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ceased for three or four months. A week before admission she

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the editor is camping out on a rise northwest of the town, where

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The mental condition was that of an advanced dementia.

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Joseph G. Hopkins and H. Zinsser. Studies on treponema pallidum

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and republish a number of volumes of its earlier transactions, that

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for correcting Hyperacid conditions — local or systemic.

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strength. All. of the previous fall and winter she had been very

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* Whether senium is a normal or pathological process has been the subject of much

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a conductive environment for the growth of the tubercle bacillus.

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The Alzheimer degeneration of intracellular neurofibrils (basket-like

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opportunity for the discussion of obscure points or difficulties.

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underlying scientific branches have devoted their entire time

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was returned after two months, during which he had worked a part

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understanding that the condition must be absolved before

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or are conditions of life in which the germs are compelled to grow.

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Dr. Albert W. Horr has been appointed assistant in Ophthalmology in

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Kelly in a course of demonstrations and lectures, once

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and who desire to do work of a special character may be

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M. B., University of Toronto, 1890, and M. D. (Hon.), 1905; LL. D., Queen's

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drugs in general use, all these, change the opsonic index, stimulate

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Laryngology (Minor for % Tri.). Dr. Crowe and Staff, -

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47. Wolf : Die Amyloidkorperchen des Nervensystems. Inaug. Diss. Miin-

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scientific medicine today, a principle governing the curative appli-

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Montrose T. Burrows and E. A. Park. The study of a small out-

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