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Reprinted from the University of Toronto Medical Journal.
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reaction, to which he gave the name of opium salt, and which in 1804 was
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whether idiopathic or sj)ecific. Sanmetto and cannabis, are per-
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stammering. The loss of power is preceded by pain, suggesting peripheral
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The second point in the treatment is the management of the
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I rememl>er. Dr. Ford Roberts read a paper telling us that he had
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up to 2 or 3 grs.) three times a day ; and from \ gr. of codeia up to 2 or 3
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previously described, and may contain bile ; bile, however, is not constantly
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eafes, in order that their breath may not infeCt the
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portant points in diagnosis. Thus in an individual case there may be at
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Burnier reports 44 per cent, of the women with retinitis as being
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an attempt should be made to reach and drain the abscess from the out-
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ing, after having had an opportunity of drinking. In
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but alfo in the territories of other princes, preferved
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three strengths, and in his experience no other preparation causes such
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Sometimes the general swelling of the gland is simply inflammatory, but
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of the lower limb take place after the child has learnt to walk.
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view argue that the changes in the joints are similar to those met with in
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fides : the fecond is, where the horfe is of an an-
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this morning, and here I come and find yon just in the act of
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ethylic alcohol, or spirit of wine; (3) propylic; and (4) amylic alcohol,
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ercife, and conftantly roufed with the whip or voice.
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soleus. If, however, paralysis has slowly developed, it may not remain cir-
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fkin, fell at a good price, efpecially the fkins of kids,
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chronic, a considerable proportion of the cases recover, but in the more
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is always downwards ; that is, it follows the course of the intestinal
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present. Few blood vessels are contained in the new tissues. These
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poisoning survive three to four hours, his chance of recovery is good ;
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disease which we are considering. It has been already pointed out
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contiguous gallstones become pressed against each other. If they are still
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lower animals that are the subjects of experimental plumbism. Two
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where it is present at all times and at all seasons. Thence, from, time to
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Treatment. — The treatment of plumbism is preventive and curative.
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has no effect, a third of - 02 c.c. may be administered. If slight symptoms
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the usual form ; but there may be general ulceration of the upper part of