occurred some years ago : a gentleman, tall, thin, and of a pale

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recognition of their appreciation of his distinguished position

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intolerance of liglit and soufids. Pain in the back is also complained of in

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establishment of the diagnosis; second, the absence in a given

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voided after an epileptic convulsion is always albuminous. It is a reasonable

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sues of the mother who was first delivered and first attacked — that her

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ment, so that the patient had to be nourished by the rec-

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creased the pain under which fehe was suffering. About 11 o'clock of the morning

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collodium on the outside the gelatin is removed by means of hot water. The

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Finally she refused to eat and died without definite

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a species consists of a collection of bodies, the integrant mole-

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scribed, but which indicated an abnormal condition of the organ.

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This treatment has sptedily terminated the complaitit. Some-

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like an ox's brisket; it adhered very strongly to the

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waiting for her truss to leave the Hospital, when some bowel

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do anything for the relief of the case, I awaited the recurrence of pain, and I

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sorbed from wall-papers, or taJcen in single large doses!

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value, as their disappearance is an excellent sign and their persistence

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the retina, which derives its blood supply directly from the internal carotid

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cations ; to support and stimulate the nervous system, to