the hepatic artery which furnishes the liver substance with nutrition,
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The seat of chorpa and tlie seat of rheumatism having so close a
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the only cause of the lesion, though it must undoubtedly aggravate
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flamed, these symptoms all subside, and disappear in the course of
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ing in the eyelids, auricles, scrotum, penis, clitoris, nymphse, also in
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ing of a muscle that may take place in chronic myositis. In the case
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normal. In some instances the fall is very conspicuous and subnormal
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ally very slow, and we may say that the prognosis, at least in those
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such circumstances, if the patient be plethoric, blood should be taken
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pneumonia and of gastro-intestinal disturbance. The patient had a
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follies of fashion and society sensibly prohibited. Emotional excite-
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or of the spleen. Under such conditions the alkalinity of those
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with partial fatty metamorphosis of the latter ; these changes may
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lent, and irregular. On auscultation there is lieard tlie friction sound
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also the two factors hy means of which we gain an idea of the morbid
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to be speciallj^ l^eneficial, but because such treatment was a thera-
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and Physiology." In 1847, when the number of profes-
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fessors that these attacks came from the jealousy of
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eruptive fevers — general febrile disturbance plus a local lesion. As
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ing tissues are hard and form a circular, elevated lump or mass, the
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Since that time the glycosuria had persisted. Soon after this I re-
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are most useful. Of these the numerous hot springs in different parts
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bath, and heavy clothing exchanged for that of a lighter character.
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His observations, therefore, form a contribution to the pathology of
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must move to adapt itself to each case, whether moderate in intensity
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modate the liver, which occupies a large amount of space upon the
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improved by exercise in the open air and the administration of bitter