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properties: namely, the lipoids, phosphatides, eholesterol, pijiiuents, pte.
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should be such as will not, when its residual metabolic products are eliminated,
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appears as a terminal infection in severe lesions elsewhere, our inability to
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* Nov^-Josserand, Gaz. des H6p. de TouUmse, 1899, p. 253.
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bones are not infrequent, and may call attention to the condition (Clopton
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persists for a longer tinu". Ohservatioii of the extent of these ehannes
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later stages, especially if both kidneys are involved.
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in excess, rarely blood. Tuberculosis of the intestine does not always cause
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pinkish, semitranslucent gray, or a delicate cream tint.
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These hsematurias present a most perplexing and little understood class
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James Macartney, M.D. F.R.S. M.R.I.A. Professor of Ana-
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of a reported impairment upon the mortality of a large group of individuals
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his statistics of the office consultation room, and his experience in private
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or total absence of pain, when the affected muscle is palpated, is said to be
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