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vided. It is not possible to secure for them the most salutary climates.
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remains unimpaired, and the average duration is less than twenty-four
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year's duration has disappeared under appropriate treatment.
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caria even in some persons, while others arc unmindful of their attacks.
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others emphasize the frequency of long bacilli. It has been claimed
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a similar way to that employed in similar conditions existing in
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tinuous pyrexia, thoracic pressure-symptoms, hemorrhages, and marked
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case — a fact that points to an increased amount of blood or lymph in the
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and simple enlargement ; also between the former and movable kidney.
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of ascites may occur. In such cases loss of strength is persistent and
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Tetany gives rise to a spasm of long duration aifecting the extrem-
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breath-sounds on auscultation are exceedingly feeble, and in some
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(Welch). When weakness of the left is out of proportion to the weak-
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by approximately equal intervals, so that they are distinctly rhythmic in
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eight hours. The number applied should range from one and a half
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This gives the effect of malignancy and starvation. Another
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pleural effusion. Hydrothorax, however, gives the history of cardiac
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are more or less completely paralyzed. Often the amount of effusion
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Rarely pressure, from the traction force of the adhesions, on the common
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the desired success and will send a large delegation to the Congress
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rior part of the left third or inferior frontal convolution, and in the ad-
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Microscopically, alterations may be discovered that are not visible to
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to temporary dyspnea in many cases. When secondary to emphysema
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There are a number of uric-acid theories, some of which may be
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Tests. — Jaffe's well-known test consists in mixing equal volumes of
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making the diagnosis. From other affections, as acute alcoholism, men-
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more favorable prediction than can be made in hypertrophy of the right,
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exaggerated as the products of secretion accumulate. This is most apt
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Kikodse^ found the blood in broncho-pneumonia to contain an in-
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Sharon Sanitarium, near Boston, the Loomis Sanatarium, at Liberty,
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is swollen, and thus interferes both with the nasal respiration and the
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heart-muscles even after occlusion of the coronary arteries.
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the connective tissue and the lymph-apparatus of the pleura. This in-
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making it necessary to practise this recently acquired knowledge,
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min to hemoglobin in excess of 1 to 1.6 indicates not only an independent
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erly. The gait, however, lacks the pronounced stamp of true ataxia.
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as a result, the latter are bent at the metacarpo-phalangeal joints, whilst
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is some impairment of conduction in the meatus or middle ear. When