and in November the rotations were, up 35°, down 45°.
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A narrow strip of adhesive piaster was then applied, en-
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needle and silk were attended with less trauma than
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Infantile Paralysis in Massachusetts in 1908 and 1909.
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in the southern States. Are the colored people hav-
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suddenly retrogressed, on the fifth day they had dis-
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Alimentary system : Examination of the periton?eum was
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ber 4th, Dr. John W. Dashiell, aged ninety-three years.
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slight cough, no diarrhoea, semistupor, alternating with
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probability, due to exactly the same cause. In con-
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be delivered by Professor W. E. Castle, of Harvard Uni-
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ing paper recently referred, specifically enough with-
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paratus reflecting the ingenuity of a host of operators, each hav-
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stituted, the disease might be eradicated ; but for
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prccccptor mens, contra delcteria medicamenta &
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plained of a sense of pressure within the abdomen).
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after an injection it would indicate that in that case
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committee "to consider the question of the acquire-
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rian survival of Homo sapiens, and even the physical
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of the forty-one patients were cured, six improved,
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violent sucking of a few days ago, but such as could be
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wise a sterile hypodermic preparation of the nucleo-
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methods from the fault that it is too delicate, that
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laboration with the Medical Departments of the Army and
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must be given full weight for it is now pretty gen-
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tion of this observation is under way. In passing, however, I may
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Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate,
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in that country, declared that venereal disease grew
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the blisters, and if the joints are painful repeats the
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17. Bottiger (Ncurologisches Zentralblatt, 1897, p. 514,
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quoted as favoring the application of irritants in the
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admission and is now in better health than at any time
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easily digested — beef, mutton, fowl, etc. — with such
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tion, the anaesthesia will last just that much longer.
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The distortion was corrected in its entirety, not sim-
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criticism of the ancient clinicians for not recogniz-
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but as a rule conservatism should be the watchword.
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ance of all the cutaneous sensibilities and of cutane-
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days more epidermization on the side of his nose was com-
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McHenry. — In Benton, Pennsylvania, on Friday, Decem-
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