him at times and he always carries a bottle of water because it is liable

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pulse. Here the intervals between the beats are equal, but in regard to

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tremities usually escape, though they too may be involved, when the

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the innominate or jugular veins by tumors or aneurysms ; also in suffo-

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presence of adhesive, stringy, postnasal discharges, while a dry

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smaller they appear the higher up we look for their origin.

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specific, causative, agent. The diplococcus pneumoniae, the streptro-

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tive, owing to paralysis of the lips. The lower lip drops, and the saliva

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from the cortex through the corona radiata, internal capsule, crura, pons,

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sometimes, and the dipterous larvae may swarm to make the so-called

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attack in childhood, and in the later attack another part of the

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is a rare form. It occurs in both sexes, but Avomen are especially sus-

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this end has been accomplished. Whenever vomiting persists the stom-

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sources of hydatid disease, as the raAv flesh of animals, especially in the

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fevers. (7) Cantering Rhjrtlim (bruit de galop). — The sounds simulate

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healthy a sudden, incontestable proof of valvular paresis or laceration

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perature is continuous, and death may occur in hyperpyrexia (Hughes).

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Diacetonuria and oxybutyria never occur normally. They are

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polyuria and the excretion of sugar, but it almost invariably lessens the

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measles ; it may also follovi^ scarlet fever, typhoid, small-pox, or less fre-

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one-eighth of a million (136,432) deaths of babies under one year

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any such scheme must necessarily be but tentative and incomplete. And

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since the degree of inflammatory action is subject to great oscillation.

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or of injury (from corrosive liquids) is obtainable, the presence of a

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activity, and mental and social diversion, aid in maintaining any im-

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sent) ; the apex-beat is displaced downward and to the left, while the

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nature of the child. The satisfaction of every whim and the lack of

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i^tiologfy. — The causes of nose-bleed are various, and a convenient

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purpose than sedation. Hoffman's anodyne (3J — i-0 — well diluted),

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speech, due to cerebral disease. This is a complex subject, and cannot

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the physician should not delay action until too late, but should call in a

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bulging forward of the anterior pillars of the fauces, and push the

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Prof. Dr. A. vox Strumpell, of Erlangen. Edited by Edward D.