she left the nursing home well at the end of seven weeks.
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Food must at first consist of only milk with ^ai ey watei o
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varying with the age of the patient, but generally beginning
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conjunction with chlorate of potash early in >he
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f. Hyg.. Miinchen u. Leipz.. 1898, xxxiii, 151-154.- Kiiiiipf
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the nasal chambers, or some definite sensitive spots can be discovered, the
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not only present, but present in excessive amounts. This is true
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tible change in these parts. The emetic did not act upwards, but
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gastrocnemius muscle. The following is the patient's
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foci of inflammation scattered throughout the Rraj' matter of the bnin tliat
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lary lesion in the cervical spinal cord. Delineation of the
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sc., Par., 1840, xxiii, 421.— Kelly (C. W.) Treatment of
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Physician to the Hospital for Sick Cliildren, London, etc.
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30. Medical Charities, Ireland. Third Annual Report of the Commis-
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Half-past four p.m. Half-pint urine voided apart from faeces.
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tioner will be able to estimate justly any wound, or
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The reason why we thus iix on a certain temperature
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This pestilence happened in the year 291-293 of Rome, ^\nte C. 461.
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the editor, no original articles, and comes out only once
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headache, diarrhoea, rumbling noises in the intestines, and
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reforms mentioned in the official report have been carried out. Further-
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jaundice, etc., I would Bay that I cannot regard it as so simple as he does.
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ver, as well as of allowing students to perform va-
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that although conjugation, according to our ideas of a Hfe-cycle,
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stimulants and cigarettes. Previous health good up to
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child on the 2nd January 1862, and the delivery at this date was assumed to