proceed to observe : " The tunica arachnoides and the pia-mater are remarkably altered
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verse fissure in the petrous portion of the temporal bone and a
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nine, one of the most virulent poisons in nature, as we have before said. It
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It is an excellent light diet in acute diseases, and in the dis-
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8th. — He was seized with another fit, which proved fatal.
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aseptic proceedure should be thorough, in order that primary union
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are characterised by muscular atrophy ; and though we have seen that
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At the bottom of the opening above the inner condyle
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Many years ago I showed that destructive lesions of the hippocampal
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inches in extent in the right iliac region. A portion of the small intestines
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smallpox, are often quite absent in the present mild
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method consists in giving first an inoculation of \ c.c. of dead
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emphasized. When the patient awakes, stomachics, such as nux vomica.
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utility and justice of which seem to be established by twenty
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received from Dr. Rice, medicl health officer of Woodstock, seeking
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I put him on iodid of potash and gave him peroxid and
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must be brought thoroughly in contact with the mucous
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cholera and less severe diarrhoeal disorders lay in
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involvement of some kind within the left lung causing her, for the last
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Med. Journ.^\o\. LXVI, page 517.) In close connection with
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