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rity Hospital, N. Y. ; formerly Assistant Physician to the
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fasting stomach. Riegel's' investigations also indicate
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the presence of dulness in the interscapular region of
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" (14) The external splintshould be applied in such
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formed; and this latter part is ingeniously omitted.
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It IS my experience that in the majority of patients with
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he was being carried about in a sedan chair. Books 20-
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diseases are held. The second lecture-room is devoted
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small and interesting class of cases. These arc instances, twelve
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from any one else — be it physician or layman. We must except, of
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pain, increase of weight and softening of nodes; while BelP reports
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cases, but it is also as I have said the ruling feature of a few. If you cause
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of the pupils moving through the halls, from class to class, and elsewhere;
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the women have caught the war fever, and the greatest
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portion of their oxygen by means of steam, have the
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but somewhat above it, over the body of the ventricle, and in the cases
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cooling, the specific gravity of a syrup should be de-
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perfect manner for ready reference. Eight hundred and fifty journals
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have urged upon school officers the necessity of some means
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