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Method of Thoma (Author's Modification 1 }. The instrument con-

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by an increased flow of watery evacuations from the bowels, and

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this compound, 6 grammes are to be used daily, until a confluent erup-

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tyfiisowie. | Inflammation of the pelves of the kidneys

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shrink greatly. They become a hard tissue, and are less transparent

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In Exp. I, Table I, the water-insoluble protein at the close of the experiment

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Ibrras cf single and double splints were em])loyed, and the several

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of sight in right eye, four years ago, from which he b»

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Upon such statements and misstatements is founded the re-

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tively small a number should occur at a time when all the organisms

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by Richard Brown to see his son, a boy of 7} years old. On vi-

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is closely applied to the surface of the aliment; that then, the first

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cell forms. Under the name of polyblast, Maximow postulates a definite rela-

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Some few of these protracted cases, when let alone, do terminate

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and nutritional changes, and as a rule do not occur during pregnancy.

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with hot water — in fact, so hot as to cause pain to the

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are in a state of instability, whether congenital, evolutionary, or other-

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cines, he is enabled to sell on the most favorable terms, and warrants his Medicines

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is a saturated solution of the gas under pressure. Repeatedly here and

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incision through the right rectus abdominalis. An inci-

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Session 1883-84, on " Epidemic Diseases in Fiji " ; and. again, three or four

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first feels a dislocation, anteriorly or posteriorly, of the portio vaginalis,