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Medicinal treatment among Indians is carried on under
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injections are not indicated by a simple rise of tem-
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She had been busily engaged all Saturday, and till one o'clock
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Tulane University Univ. of Oklahoma Tulane University Univ. of North Dakota
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vaginal injections daily with a weak solution of salicylic acid.
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blood in the middle fossa of the right side of base of cranium.
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The Second Act of Digestion. — The food carries the
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Medical officers serving afloat receive an allowance of Is. 6d. a
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quantity of liquid to be percolated, if the percolate is to be measured,
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eloquent advocacy and enthusiastic support of its Secretarv,
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flammations of the Upper Air tract. — Dr. Beverley
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hremorrhoidal tumors. Being unwilling to have either ligatures or exci.sion
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ure. Their appearance is, as a rule, sudden, and, if not interfered with,
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skin affection first shows itself ; the symptoms pointing either to serious