Fig. 39.— Stage with 3 nn and 2 NN. N.B.— Figs. 35-39 are aU from
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destroy life at once, although more frequently the blood oozes
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edge of the ulcer is usually sharp and for a time the margins may be
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occupiers of both of them are on very friendly terms, which probably
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the sic^ns of the coincident disease of the Inncrs. But for
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a typical hard chancre had developed; the inguinal glands were
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Physicians Protector Plan, contact your independent
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Experiment 2. — Twelve healthy mice of about the same age and weight were
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but are inferior to other agents in these disorders.
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where sunlight is employed. Dr. Sternberg has added little of value to the
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says many other poisons contain a large amount of latent
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extra power and leverage by the position of the leg. Of course, it
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430 Dr J. W. .Somerville. 12 Abbot 1 ford A'oad. GaJatkuls..
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of the bacilli of tubercle, clinical observations show that much importance be-
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classification has a proper basis, it does not suffice to propose a plan of
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spontaneously or produced by the acrid or corrosive poisons. It may pro-
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Therk is great diversity in the corporate title of our establishments for the
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ing the earlier years. It is stated by those who observed the squir-
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John had more oats to sow, and he sowed them. Ambitious in
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admits "the existence of a distinct disease in the West Indies,
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visiting in the house of Case II. she was taken with an attack while -it-