Aromatherapy – Essential Oils Diffuser Mon, 21 Mar 2016 02:55:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Healthy Essential Oil Aromatherapy Resolutions for the New Year Thu, 31 Dec 2015 17:38:55 +0000 It’s that time of year again — time to make New Year  resolutions. This year choose ones that are healthy and can easily be accomplished and incorporated into your day to day life.

One great resolution is to get in better physical shape and that requires motivation. By using your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser and essential oils. To prevent procrastination and provide energy, choose essential oils like eucalyptus mixed with any of the spice oils and add a bit of one of the citrus oils. Enjoy an aromatherapy session before your workout, whether you workout at home, in a gym, in a class or with friends.

Aromatherapy New Year Resolutions

Add health and resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses with  My Thieves essential oil. This germicidal essential oil is fantastic is use in your essential oil diffuser before going into places where you are likely to


Spa decoration lilies, candles and sea shells for relaxation

encounter germs such as workplaces, grocery stores, entertainment venues, restaurants or any other place that people gather or come and go frequently. The My Thieves essential oil is one sure way to cut down and often eliminate winter’s illnesses and bugs that go around any time of the year.

If you have pets, your nose may become accustomed to the odors associated with pets, but your guests smell these odors on entering the house. Essential oils diffused into the air such as lemongrass, citrus, wood oils, rosemary and lavender in any blend that pleases you.

Get better sleep in the new year by placing an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom and diffusing lavender essential oil every night. You will go to sleep faster, stay more soundly asleep and wake up feeling more rested, ready to take on another busy day.

Clean naturally by using recipes for essential oil cleaners around your home. You can find great cleaning recipes on this blog, in the eBook that comes with your Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser and on the internet. There’s no reason to buy expensive chemical cleaners when you can use essential oils and other common household items to do the task as well, more affordable and without harming the environment.

Incorporate Essential Oil Aromatherapy

You may have other resolutions you wish to make this year, perhaps financial ones, career related resolutions, social goals and others but incorporate one or more new year resolutionsessential oil aromatherapy resolution into your New Year’s Resolutions this year. These resolutions are easy to achieves, unlike many unrealistic resolutions often made that are doomed to failure. Instead, you can feel good about yourself while living better and more naturally with Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser and a selection of quality essential oils.

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Understanding How Aromatherapy Essential Oils Work ? Thu, 09 Apr 2015 16:42:02 +0000 Do you wonder why aromatherapy essential oils works and has beneficial effects on mood and health? Many people don’t think this process through, but it is all based on human physiology. Let’s look at exactly how aromatherapy works on the human body and brain and investigate in easy to understand terms who this process works.

Recognizing Everyday Aromatherapy Scents

If you have ever had to use an emergency inhaler, smoked a cigarette or even enjoyed the scent of a pleasing dinner, the same physical facts that explain why aromatherapy  uses are in play. The reaction from the brain from inhaling the medication, substance or scent is nearly immediate and strong. This is because the nasal passages, sinuses and lungs deliver the substance, of whatever nature, nearly directly to the bloodstream and result in a rapid change in brain chemistry.

The human brain is amazing. It fully controls the body and the bodily functions. Allowing diffused essential oils into the body cause the brain to have a rapid reaction. This can result in a change in mood, increased essential oilsimmune response or other physical reaction.

If used with safety in mind, the reaction of essential oil aromatherapy can be all positive. But if a person who knows they are allergic to, for example, strawberries were to inhale essential oil created from strawberries, the same allergic reaction would result because the body actually intakes microscopic amounts of the concentrated essential oil, whether it is delivered through a diffuser, in a cosmetic product, cleaning product or from smelling the oil vapors from the bottle. This is the reason safety and allergies must be considered in using aromatherapy essential oils.

If you do not believe this is true, take a scented object in your home such as a candle, laundry soap, bath soap or food – choose one you find pleasing. Inhale the scent, allowing the tiny particles that create that scent into your nose and lungs. You will notice a near immediate flood of memories associated with this scent that lift your mood. This is the same reaction resulting from essential oil aromatherapy. In fact, many of those products in your home that are scented may in fact be scented through the use of essential oil. Try it, you’ll find it very real.

Understanding Why Aromatherapy Works

So, to understand why aromatherapy essential oils works, we just need to understand in simple terms how the human body intakes and reacts to scents created by various plants. If the brain receives a tiny chemical essential oilchange from the right scents, it reacts by altering physical response, either adding energy or relaxing, increasing or decreasing the hunger sensation, delivering a stronger immune response or any of myriad other responses.

Refer to a aromatherapy essential oils guide on the properties and reactions associated with essential oils used in aromatherapy to learn which oils can impact your body in the positive ways you desire. Learn about ways to apply aromatherapy essential oils into your home using a safe aromatherapy diffuser or other products and choose the one you feel best for you.

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