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Medicine; Hudson County, N. J., Medical Association

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2. I ID Cases of Syphilis Treated According to Ehrlich-

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22. Caesarean Section, the Pregnant Litems Being within

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mass. The fourth ventricle showed a surface metastasis,

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Anatomy. Illustrated. Philadelphia and London : W. B.

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cremasteric reflexes absent. There was Cheyne-Stokes res-

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Case 3 discussed by Drs. Frank D. Jennings, Joseph P. Murphy, and

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S. Warthin, of the University of Michigan medical fac-

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toi)er 29th, Dr. Edward H. Hamill, aged sixty-five years.

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the Hotel Manhattan on Saturday evening, October 15th.

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enkrankheiten. Mit 50 Abbildungen. Wien und Leipzig;