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perspiration. The attack is apt to be developed in the morning, pain

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tion of the valves of the heart, leading to impairment of that organ

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relic. There are cases, however, in which the science

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diet, baths, iron, quinine, oil, etc., without bene-

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improved by the treatment, but a few months after her return

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aseptic and antiseptic methods. The author wisely leaves the sub-

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adhesions to the surrounding organs. Omental and re-

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Bronchopneumonia. — This is usually a terminal event. In 8356 cases

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modern sportsmen, I refer the reader to the pages of the

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the persons who became ill, acknowledged that they had drunk this water.

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loss of a secretion. If the tonsils have an internal

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is often present around tumors, infarctions, hemorrhages, and abscesses, but

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Doctor a heavy blow with the shaft or some portion of the

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would result from adding fresh blood to that liquid, except that

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the system — that is, the function, is to be taken into account ; and the

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The hypodermatic exhibition of brandy is also an ex-

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illustrated, unless there be a clear agreement among us what

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ing is indicated here for the removal of the foreign body or

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convalescence. For although the leading physical signs had disappeared

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was extremely viscid, and nearly as black as pitch,

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which was implanted the 'placenta. The ovarium and fellopian tube, on