eclampsia successfully treated in the Rotunda Hospital

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innominata, the left subclavian and carotid, and the whole of the thoracic aorta,

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regard to all the peculiar features of the case. Todd, however,

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medicated vapor, a rubber tube and nose-piece may be

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l>r, ItaMil Thiele, of Kiisan, in South Russia, successfully inocu-

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quietly no disorder is visible. On bidding him try to walk, if

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This trypanosome was discovered by Dutton and Todd in 1904

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experimental, though not on any new lines. In all three cases a distinct effort

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hours after the start of ARDS. 33 Further evidence of the

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affection in Constantinople than in the west of Europe.

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when the entire limb has been torn off, with splintering of the bone

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versalis fascia, and underneath all the muscular coats. This wire

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movement of the joint. The patient is well nourished; sleeps fairly; no appetite; bowels

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the part, as if it were to be a general operation, overcorrection

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porter, Des Moines, 1885-C, iii, 145.- Sanger (M.) Ueber

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uted, they must still be present in a certain concentration in order

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membranes. Besides the power which this vegetable possesses in allaying

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upon the position of the parasites, the last two on the zoological classi-

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a heavy cloud in the vessel, were removed. After irri-

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have now placed it before you, may be said to be established in science.

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88*4 inches in circumi inmetrical, dull on percussion, and on palpation

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which it was desirable to remove failed to be acted on, while

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cubated, centrifuged at high speed, and the serum transferred to a fresh lot of cells.

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Mayor, who has been called outside of our limits on an official

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and gonorrhea is unsafe until eradicated from both vis-

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as a local anesthetic, the only precaution necessary being to