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consequently, does not appear to be much inferior to the sulphur-
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dacity is not regarded as one of the attributes of the subject."
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therapeutists have been obliged to recognize something more
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as regards arrest of bleeding. The last case treated by me was an
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their co-operation cannot be secure. Hence our duty of endeavoring
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the justice of the decision. That the decision, in this case, was right, is,
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the bowels, the skin, and the lungs. The vapor or hot-air box is
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In the midst of the conflict of the two, they thought of and sent for Dr.
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From the 10th of October, constitutional derangement grew rapidly and
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only. As long as this idea prevailed, it is obvious that it could
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The diseases of the skin — constituting a class of maladies im-
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there are very few, if any, well authenticated cases of death from
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close of an entire year the amount is upwards of eight hundred pounds.
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chanism of the reduction from the foramen ovale has already been
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to the patient by the use of chloroform vapour when applied lo-
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stance, readily soluble in strong alcohol, but not soluble in dilute
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xhe moment of attempted inspiration, first, by means of the bellows, or,
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In the discussion of this report Dr. Hotchkiss said that this
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