miles north and gave it to Nicholas Diaz. He has had scrofula for four years, and has

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undermined edges with which they are surrounded. Such

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the muscular nerves are sclerosed. In bone disease the nerves supplying

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they choose to be guided by their own judgment, rather than

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local weather bureau, I learned that for the three days

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felt prominently in the inguinal region. This leaves the thigh still

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of the two acts of respiration, the expiratory is a third more forcible, and still

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us, that besides the twelve cases in which he actually removed the ovary, of

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I also claim that by its early use it prevents the devel-

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give rise to muscular contractions, and paralysis of motion may be a

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Fourth District ; area 13,510 ; population 3033 ; salary £S0 per annum.

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ence will be required. He suggests the Alexander- Adams op-

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digestion, often as one of the sequela of scarlatina, measles, or small-

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gather them together and contrive a box capable of holding a

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By using the trephine, sinuses may be opened; hernia

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This was negative by smear but positive by agglutination tests. The

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of distension, and of a general sense of discomfort. And these symptoms

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To accomplish this, I have had this little instrument

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but the other organic substances need not receive serious consideration

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circulation must be stimulated and equalized. For this pur-

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These symptoms may be due to uraemia, or to meningitis, which may or

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dies that afforded the quickest and most permanent relief were

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Three Cases of Enucleation of the Eye, with Remarks.