///, thalami optici, depressed on left side ; /T', the tumor ; V, the cavity formed by the

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phasized in these cases of transposition of viscera was

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produce the sexual orgasm by taking the male organ of the

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I believe without exaggeration he was one of the most valuable members

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a form of heart-trouble which is very common in the aged,

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Philadelphia Conservatory of Music, Temple University

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. *Mrs. set. 35 ; has had children ; at 15, congestion to

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early severity of the febrile symptoms, commonly greater

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Central nervous system. Drowsiness, lightheadedness, depression, headache, confu-

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diseases, rachitis, &c, it does not exist f . Granting

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An abstract from the autopsy notes is as follow^s: "The right lung is

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of his truth, but that it was now useless to him. Knowing

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demic influence, and for some rare diseases which may occur in some places,

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arrangement of our Colleges, it is impossible to embrace, in the

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cases, in only 2 did the paroxysm cease under the use of the remedy. In

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not find much in the history to sustain it, | ^ j o j

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experience than any other worker. Unusual consideration is given to embryo-

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sive use of bath one dollar extra." A blank certificate of

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mechanical closure by a clot from the application of distal

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■f Treatise on Diseases of the Eye, 1881, p. 307. Merely mentioned ; no history given.

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directed by the vital force, and is destined to form the medium of communication between

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succeed each other or be variously combined in different stages

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What can one do in such a case? What can be said to the patient

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placed to a large extent the subcutaneous infusions. Any ordinary

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cerebral spastic paralysis ; but in the former condition there has been a

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occurred following the operation of washing out the stomach.

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bably on this account alone that their wounds are credited with a dispro-

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the longitudinal axes of the blades correspoml, the slot

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[Struthio camelus), the common rhea (lthe'i amertcana), the emu

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is especially likely to occur in patients presenting without a

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ter was quite sufficient to have produced complete closure in this manner.