excrete, and to separate out other blood constituents which it should
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cold stage of a malarial paroxysm without realizing how important the
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centers, as followed by IMarine, should first be mentioned. One
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5. The duratio)i of the various life jdtases in relation to the febrile
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left cusp of the tricuspid valve a portion of the endocardial lining of
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viation of the pain in live minutes, and in ten minutes a
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April, 1871, raised to the middle of 1872 by the addition of a year and a
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is a sense of physical and mental exhaustion, langour, weariness,
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fore, decided on closing the subscription-list, and on
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The remedy was given in doses of from gr, \ to gr. j
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contemplation of its muscular accompaniment, and forgot-
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mucous membrane may be caught between the distal end
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substitute medicine for milk. Occasionally it has been found
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the careful and proper administration of tuberculin as a
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scarlet fever, and, indeed, although no other symptoms appeared, my diagnosis was
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rous illustrations. In one large and handsome octavo volume, leather, of 768 pages. $3 00.
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the number suitable for any operation comparatively small.
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Hysterical contracture sometimes resembles the spasm of tetany very
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nearly all the voluntary muscles may be paralyzed, it does not
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of the kind in aay language. — Silliman^s Joumaly
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marmosets, dogs, cats, guinea-pigs, and rabbits by the bites of the
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des Elibogengeleukes. Deutsche Zeitschr. f. Chir., 1892,
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should be regarded as the only infallible indication of this condition.
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insurance unless such law is referred to in s. 200.26
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Hospital ; Surgeon to the Belgrave Hospital for Children, London. 8vo, cloth, pp. xvi.,
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changes. The centre for the urethra is thus relieved, and the
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sorption, leaving a transparent opening between its margin and the ciliary
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with nieces and nephews in which only collateral heredity is manifested,
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patches of hypersemia, and erosions most pronounced at
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Clinical Features. — Along with the clinical features
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sanguine expectations from his methods in the art of breeding
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Trichocephalus dispar (T. trichiuriis ; Whip-worm). — This parasite
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of zinc, sulphate of iron, chlorine, and sulphurous acid; very few are equal
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Verucca Acuminata, or Venereal Wart. — This appears in
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the doctrines and practices of our ancestors, detecting their er-
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its use. The effect of this caustic is to produce a slough which could not
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is the apparent modifying influence which the malarial
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may pass into the subacute and chronic stage, and give rise to Bright's
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inches beyond the foot — and make the extension in the usual way, by
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*' In a case in Montauk, a patient of Dr. Uhler, 1 was enabled to see the autopsy of the
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no complaint was made at the time of any trouble in
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to be a delusion and a snare. The objection to it was
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with the patient at the moment the accident has happened. If
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bottles were placed around the feet and lower extremities. The
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Heat is the safest sterilizer, and a bottle-fed child
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thus he believes that, pushed to its extreme limits, alcoholism creates a
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