In this state he advanced into the morning of the 28th, his
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Plate, Harvard No. 40. Exposure, two minutes. Developer, hydroquinone.
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question can only be settled by prolonged and repeated experiments
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essentially a working Atlas, and will be found valuable by
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I have tried to show that the diathetic states discussed have an
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ophthalmia. The inflammation subsided in the course of
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foot." — Hygiene tf ilic Drain : $ Ncv/ York, M. L. Holbrook.
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icles are like the mother sac ; they are as laige as a hemp^eed or a
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horizontally to within fifteen degrees of the line of the
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demented. A sister became insane, and another sister
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tive when there is the greatest number of parasitic forms in the con-
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IV. An Account of a Malignant Lues Venerea, communicated
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even larger than in the first case, and the sleeves of cells
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soon follow, which, in many cases, prove fatal. These
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in amount. The edge of the disc becomes blurred, and the
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The skin of the abdomen corresponding to the tumour had a
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skinning over, when the patient insisted on lieiug (lischarij:cd,
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we are glad to learn, freely discussed, and it is to
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2d, the following orders were adopted : i. That the
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well, and usually a few punctures with the lancet will, by
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tender and jiaiiiful ou her admission. Pulse 90. Had had no medical
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all cases by the abdominal route, and Sir William Smyly
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The white matter around it was somewhat moister and straw-yellow in
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lave to change our first opinion, because the progress of the
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caused the anxiety to which I attribute his surplus discharge
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les to the skin of the nose and checks. A cold in the head is
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Dec. 31st. — Since the fourth day after the operation the pulse
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as if something prevented the return of the lung's ex-
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▼iew of the bearing on the. prognosis and treatment. Indeed, the opera-
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