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Virchow* pointed out the similarity of carcinomatous cells and epithe-

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drug which miglit produce present comfort at the cost of the

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The barb on the gill cover, which is bent somewhat upwards is

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exacerbations from localized peritonitis and anaemia, often accom-

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iRew formations, as bone-spavins and ring-bones, when of

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safe and useful in acute pneumonia as in other acute inflammations. If

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depression and weakness, out of all proportion to the other symptoms

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the regular use of electricity by means of the oesophageal

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will know how to deal with cholera when it comes, is

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not favourably placed, but rather hidden away in the pages of a serial

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certained some of the conditions under which these organ-

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" What's your lading ?" " Fruit and timber ;" anglice,

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discretion as to when the advantage of the patient's off

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sition within the cavity ; but, for the most part, they are admitted

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(One should not be compelled to suggest that the menopause

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sidcred as spreading to these (larts, but they arc consecutively inviStA,

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med., 1897-8, xxii. 109-173. — lonNaltant and general

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sions are especially common on the extensor surfaces of the bodj', and

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abdomen should be entertained with the hope of relieving some internal

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the organ to function longer, giving the patient a longer lease on life.

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Two of them were in every sense medical patients, the urinary element con-

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that as yet no titles of communications touching on any of these subjects

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X The correlation for i; is calculated by the method described by Prof. Pearson, 1912.

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more than a quart of brandy, and not less than twenty grains of good

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sion, and shut him off from his own livelihood, is worse than

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as for making invidious comparisons and classifying our mem-

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times dark from the presence of blood, and sometimes yellow from the

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hand, the marked deformity from bad union of fracture