intervals of about a month. On December 9th, 1907, he had

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that they should occupy the land in an agricultural capacity.

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individuals of a strongly-marked brunette complexion, they create a

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The color of the renal substance becomes of a dirty brown or gray,

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ralgia, states of great excitement would alternate with states of dimin-

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rachitis are two or three years old, or older, the ribs and vertebrae

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probable that this property may be modified to a varying extent by the

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out remain the seat of permanent disturbances. In other cases it ap-

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ourselves whether the patient is really cured, or wonder what

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characteristic formation takes place, consisting of round, concave scabs,

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stated, to menstruation. Sometimes we can tell, from the altered mood

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been observed that immoderate fatigue and a despondent, melancholy

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vaccines is but a link in the chain of general treatment of

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Though personally I have not had the experience, a possible

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In capillary haemorrhages the cerebral substance appears dotted

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stage of development. The burrows dug by the males are shorter,

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ly if the sphincter be palsied. Thus it may happen that, in the course

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If chronic malarial dyscrasia develop, besides a nutritious and

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in a plaster casing; {b) in addition a Bruns' splint (corre-

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quent complications of the disease, although suppuration in such cases

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Pardoe, John : Treatment of acute gonorrhoea - - - - 5°

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several weeks usually elapse before the disease disappears, and it

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and for that reason the statistics, I quote in my book, are

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