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Hetl, T. C, Surgeon. Relieved from the Adams, September 8,
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the fact is only admitted when it is impossible any longer to conceal it.
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produced the same tranquillizing effects on her daughter which
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Janeway may be of immense value in the hands of the profession as a
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thought that articular rheumatism could not be con-
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and of commission that detract somewhat from its value.
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us to believe in the existence of a bilateral cortical disability in Broca's
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The secondary polycythaniia in cases of congenital heart disease
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Cases. No. 116 South Eighth street, below Chestnut, Philadel-
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sufflation of air may be employed. Purgatives and enemata of
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Thompson, Whitefield Nelson, A.B., Bates, '88. Jefferson, '89 Hartford.
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should be separated, if possible, by the finger-nails as close to the uterus
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year or more. In the later attacks not only the joints of the feet, but also
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deficiency was confined to but one internal rectus, the correcting
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consists in a general small cell inflltration (Neumann, Essig and Kaposi);
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(iii.) Reflexes. — If the condition is but a moderate one, the reflexes are
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showed his love of industry, and increasing years added only to the
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the wonderful cures made by the most outrageous nostrums — ministers,
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is it is described by Jorg. This portion of the lung had not received air in the