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stripped, and the whip-cord left to drain the wound. The opera-
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be taken within two hours after finishing a meal, and a meal
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11th. — The patient thinks his head has felt better since the
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"Accurate answers to these few questions would pretty fairly indicate
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The internal mammary was enlarged, and given off from the thyroid ; it was
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free from it ; and attention is drawn to the investigations of Elebs and
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ence of antipoliomyelitic elements in serum submitted to selective
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They have never been criminals or ne'er-do-wells. On the other hand,
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played by these two factors are well indicated by two experiments.
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dies. The persistence of the murmur is not evidence that the inflamma-
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The first variety is the most common and is generally associated with
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nervous systems. The brain is not alone affected, although
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Pains in the Side, Back, or any part of the Body, and in
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sickness as the result of the state of affairs in ques-
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hour and a half later, the leucocytes were increased in numbers, the increase