hand, the assumption of an abnormal excitability for the one class of cases, and for
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familiar ground, saying that his experience has led him to
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a drop to 1.5 in a case of volvulus of ten days' standing. H. Baldwin
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gross chemical constituents, and in the amount of assimilable
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carried by members of the State Medical Society, this was $17.00, only a minor part of the total
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To prevent the pollution of the ward air, all discharges, such as
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pedient to publish at once the above abstract of MM.
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tions in the movements of the right eyelid and eye-ball, and of loss of vision
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is this the case that many years ago, when I was in
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given me that a like condition was produced in them.
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distributed to the Schneiderian mucous membrane, have not been ex-
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writing down cases, such as would present the image of the
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should here remark that the child, at this time, was in perfect
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of woman's milk. Guinea pigs sensitized with the albumen of hen's
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in a great measure -effaced by their former forbearance amidst so
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that employed by the abstractor, namely, fixing the patella by means of
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terior extremity and the internal aud inferior surfaces
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district. 5. Under the provisions of the Act 24th and
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(3) lymphatic septicemia; (4) phlebitic septicemia ; (5) pyemia:
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ation is seen throughout the whole cell, suggesting a slight imbibi-
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bowels occurs in rather more than one-half of the total number of eases
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investigations in thyroid disease. Liicke made an important study in 1874,
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out hereditary tendencieH to cardiac disease, came fimt
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the Italie, a Florence journal, we learn that the disease is
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tinguished from the exciting causes of the paroxysms, there is little to add to
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Blood casts indicating not only hemorrhage from the
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The General Endowment Fund also received a gift of five shares, common stock of the Chase Manhattan Bank
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tion was bilateral, in 15 unilateral. These patients belonged to
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cure, if it is long enough and if it continues uninter-
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tion as to the necessity of an operation ; the character of
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It is usual to speak of atony or debility of the stomach, as an essen-
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tumours springing from bone, and especially from the medul-