There are few diseases which present such a variety of after-effects as
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8 k. M., pulse 105, resp. 22^; 8 P. M., pulse 100, resp. 24. At 12
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powdered sugar was placed on the floor of the mouth,
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severely from these pests. At certain seasons of the year sand-flies
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eroded tonsil. These cases are the septic lacunar diphtherias with
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and power. The emotional instability is also a result of defect of control.
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tetic plans, placing these both upon a scientific basis, and
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vers, and the work has now been so thoroughly confirmed that
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not expect medicines to have any effect. M. Cornil said syphilis had a great
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in life would be far better off in the end if they took to
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the vomiting of coffee-ground and blackish and broAvnish-black mate-
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muscles are in reflex tonus, and that through this their tension is considerably
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ranks of scientific promotion. Assistant-Professors, Hospital
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20. Watson, J. -M. Jour. Med. Sci., Edinburgh, Vol. XV.,
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with phosphate of calcium, and consequently increasing con-
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distributed to the Schneiderian mucous membrane, have not been ex-
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this remedy, so that one, at any rate, of the hazards run
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Cragin reported the cost of closed cases from 1 January 1927 to May 1928 to be $1 1,256.87.
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The case was immediately reported to the Obstetrical Society of
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the wear and tear of the luxurious and costly furniture which
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titioners do not so frequently bleed in it as their
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battle-field between opposing clans. Foremost amongst these
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When we consider the various powers, which, irrespective of
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etc.; one ordinary hypodermic needle and one long-point,
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