in association with the increase of calcium in the urine there is in these

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cardia of Ventricular Origin, Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 1918, 178, 40.

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some young men became physicians because their physical health was not equal

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she left the nursing home well at the end of seven weeks.

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hands ; moreover, it may be aggravated by cutting off stimulants, and

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the presence or absence of sensible impulse, over what area (if any) the

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might be no decussation of the motor fibres from the

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The epileptiform fit assists most in the cortical topographical diagnosis of

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man, at Prince of Wales' island, who enjoyed excellent health

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ation of recent discoveries concerning the bacterial

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upon displacement of the eyeball by mechanical pressure, such as occurs in

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Dinner: Fresh meat or chicken nearly every day; Irish potatoes and a few

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the evening. The next morning the parts were red and slightly

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of the femur corresponds to the hole in the capsule, these being-

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7. The soft parts are united, and drainage is provided for in the usual

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Fig. 335. — Exophthalmic goitre. — German Hospital,

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may attain; and, between these two forms of tumors, there are all

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17 See third paper of this series " Nitrogenous Metabolism " in this number

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stitute for the hands, since towards the close of the

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