fistula; irrigate the bladder daily afterwards through the urethra

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Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, acting as Trustees of the

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tum, by pressure and manipulation of the upper end. Dr. Walser was at last able

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laryngeal nerve. The consequence of deficient laryngeal closure is that

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more accurately, in tearing his skin and causing it to bleed. The

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which rupture near a calcified patch occurred. To the cases

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the consideration of such prize competitions as may from time to time

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The oxalic acid is probably derived from urea or uric acid, and its

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valves were normal. Not a trace of any pericardial adhesions.

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lated cancer grafts ;2 (3) destruction of established immunity to cancer;*

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is uncertain and unreliable, even when it is not dangerous. But

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allowing the gutters, or slightly covered cess-pools, to receive the

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The hyperpyrexia of insolation may be treated with these

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series) pulmonary phthisis is the most common affection. I

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closed in layers, except where *a tube was passed down to the pouch

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far the best form of light. Such a climate is found in Colo-

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lowed by cyanosis and edema of the parts drained by these vessels. The early

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When the attacks have become habitual, and the patient is consequently

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favorable opportunity to cure the patient and would occur should one give a full erythema-

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The practitioner should bear in mind that the persistence of an endo-

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the operation was repeated, and twenty fluid ounces re-

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patient also made a quick recovery on the same plan.

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to treatment of any kind.'' He entertained the opinion

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