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in good health prior to being struck ; if he suddenly felt intense pain, could
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the introduction of antiseptics had rendered post-operative
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popliteal vessels but the posterior ligament and some cellular
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vessels showed the elastic tissue and the muscular coat to be
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pagated. According to this theory the disease is communicable, and
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abscesses; otherwise, primary abscesses would necessarily be
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which has been thus conducted throughout, that is, on the same principle and
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Sir : The free dispensary abuse is not the only one that
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observations? There are in reality but few cases in which
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although there is probably here an associated cause, the digestive dis-
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tions drawn by art-gifted high school students. It is
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important elements in the hygienic course of treatment.
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following gentlemen : Hugh T. Patrick, Chairman, Wm. H. Wilder and
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It is not at all to be wondered at that suspension, head down-
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ipsissima verba of Acts of Parliament and other official docu-
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higher brain centres. The capacity to reason soundly
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perfect; the skin was acted upon, and the lungs were not irritated. During
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advance — no brilliant and startling the- cessity arise, from time to time, those
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of evolution. He had lately made ^ post-TnoTtem examination
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we may conclude that the true nature of the inflammation
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eye" of a newly-born infant, remembering that the dis-
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Table XLVII. Distribution of Battle Casualties by Type of Casualty,
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the pustules are indeed large and angry, but conceal an abraded surface,
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ness) have attempted to convert into a scandal. The