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joint. If it is very stiff, at least ten minutes should be spent in

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habitual ingestion of abnormally large amounts of fat-making food, and

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in a certain degree except two. In these two cases, though

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correlation to various branches of physical science, that the whole is

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have claimed him as his great ancestor, and would have selected the

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with their cancelli filled with a dirty yellowish fat. When

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mel, and forty-light parts of powdered gum-araljic.

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after a long interval to its former rate. The breathing also fre-

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may be thick or thin, is accompanied by great Itching of the parts;

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although, at times, the redness maybe confined to certain spots.

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in 1866. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. Ixxv, pp. 183, 184. In Phila-

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withstood two operations and two general anesthesias ; had re-

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was oi»en and had tl)e point directed upwards, he passed a fine metallic tube

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spoonful doses of Rochelle Salts, and Seidlitz Powders. Pain over the

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lish rider with short stirrups, and the instep of the foot

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test, and if the report comes back “dye retention grade 3 or

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the duties of life, and enjoying all its pleasures.

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For the round worms Turpentine is good, lo to 15 drops in

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out by plugging ; at this stage of the operation good illumination reflected

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A report on the activities of the Auxiliary was given by

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ual susceptibility of the patient to cocaine must be

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tablets were formed, or by the union of four a star with four rays.

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tion, the prospects and to some of the duties of this society.

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elucidate the relation between the form of the arterial pulse

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Lactic acid has an intensely sour taste and acid reaction. It is

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340, 486, 577, 674, 768, 924, 1018, 1137, 1234, 1364

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upon themes of professional interest are solicited. The edi-

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the scalp, sometimes diffused, oftener located in certain areas, especially over

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tion. 3. That at the end of eight days the immunity