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spread by contagion. In 1817, cholera appeared at Jessore in Hin-

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taining a good antiseptic— that is to say, a powerful preven-

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geneity of matter, that is, with all its parts similar, as is the

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December 1862, p. 283. A clerk in some chemical works took, on the 6th

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complained of what she termed attacks of membrane (periods

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widely accepted since the researches of Bernard upon the glycogenic function

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ble coflee with its grounds ; and, lastly, singultus and convulsions in some

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Weiland, M. D., Former Chief of Clinic in the Eye Department of Jefferson Med-

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in a court of law to give evidence upon the profes-

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passing on to the stage of abscess, and in them the in-

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of Physicians and Surgeons. The pathological changes de-

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by inunction and depend upon absorption from the skin for their

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tient, and under such circumstances he recommends it.

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dispersion of the thickenings and deposits in the tubes, bron-

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himself repeated. Following out a grand generalization, but with

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resulting, possibly, in a great and sudden outburst of the

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Puucliiiig-bag, No. 61.5700; Dec. 13, 1898. — Hinton (E.

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was not noticed by the patients, the chief complaint in all cases being of a

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for a few minutes and the skin got warm, though the

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ton with this kind of price-fixing legislation, they got the

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dren, several times in the course of the day, in a hot bath,

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his hands, a vision which it was difficult to reason away."

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disease sui generis and a keratinosis, that is, a disease with essential

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well nourished and healthy. Complications which are so frequent in sestivo-