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Emergent care of cranio-cerebral injuries,’ The 154
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in large numbers, . while eosinophiles are only occasionally seen.
ten or twenty years, we have been forced on the de-
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over to keep the peace. Of course the barrister, notwitlistand-
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man fifty years of age. About six months ago the patient first began
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inflammatory typhoid fever. About the third day the buboes and car-
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furnishes must be analyzed in the same way as the symptoms of the present disease.
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Huchard, commenting thereupon, mentions that, in a case of his
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ing especially commendable for a very masterly handling.
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on December 2nd, 1902, May 29th and November 30th, 1903,
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or 100° by rectinn was considered a fever, the rise for the first forty-
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Fiscal notes will be added to all resolutions whose implementa-
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merit careful study. Ziem,in his publications dating from 1880
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of the lung, like inflammation of other parts, rarely if ever takes place
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form of relapsing typhoid, in which a portion of the
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Frequency Coils or Static Machines, Methods of Use and
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pulmonary obstructioa is not great they are not livid, and frequently
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breast. In the present case there was no hsemoptysis and very
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which marches silently in front with every disease in which alimentation lulls
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was not renewed ; — and the tonsils reirained nearly their natural size;
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development of well-marked febrile movement, with a full, regular pulse
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echo. "This post phonal quality is the significant feature." A good deal
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haustion and cavities in the lungs on the fifty-seventh day.
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orifice by a scirrhous mass which entirely surrounded it. The stricture
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bore on the olecranon process, and, driving it forwards, caused
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ever be made effectual in this country, and thought that
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whether in a given case the multiple cancers are pri-
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Bryant, Estes Howe, Robert Cutler. Berkshire : Timothy
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vessels, or to the arteries or veins alone ; or it may only be observed in one
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Comrades: We have met in Tennessee — brave and patriotic
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Mr. Watson Cheyne remarked that as the farcy organ-
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and oedema having lirst appeared the previovis week, it increased so
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and the patient has gotten along nicely. While treating the case I managed
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fluence of the latter, it is related of Mr. Fox, that "when in
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Another illustration : It is often seen that whilst on one day a
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tesis, or at most a small incision and drainage for a few days
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well doubt that a genuine specific in this disease will soon, if ever, be
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whose life has been characterized by all the social and
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site side from where the fistula had been, and it was three months before
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ing what is commonly called a false membrane. This is diffused over