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infant, one month old, with a history of previous erysipelas

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purpose, stating the reports of the different cases under his care,

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In the intervals the surface was covered with borated

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to disobey, and if any should there are legal and financial

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out with warm water or normal salt solution. Then two drachms

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this condition may become engrafted, are nephritis, organic disease of the heart,

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There are now five medical schools in Turkey and Egypt which

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Power Cobbe, of England, to do battle to the medical

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terious character of the emanations from graves is well estab-

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quantity of the kidney tissue, and makes not the slightest difference to the

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subjects of them have been under the influence of lead, or-

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ureterectomy, when performed in suitable cases, has

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resistance to the passage of the blood through the swollen arteries and capilla-

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•The two halves of the larynx were held widely apart

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Nothing was found to explain why the delayed coagulation time

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the attention it deserves from medical and surgical writers, and

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wishes to convey, so as to render his meaning, at times, equivo-

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The By-Laws direct that I, as President, must inflict upon you

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time. The long life of the organism and the probable infection through

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the operation itself. Dr. Weir called attention to the

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diverse causes have been given by good observers shows

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the appearance of the growth at first I was rather inclined to think it

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Petechial or spotted fever, epidemic and fatal in the county

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5. For the disease which is called lethargy, and in

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tress. These symptoms are followed by an erythematous rash and the copious

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the site of the lesion revealed, combined, the evidences

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severely all round, but no case occurred at Mr. Lowe's farm

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a day. One of them, aged forty, employed at this place for twent3'-four years,

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core than those produced by the passage of the ball from before backwards,

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both cases. In the first case mentioned, there can be little doubt

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tice of Physic in the Harvard iledical School, early became convinced

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clear watery fluid. Recently menstruation had been re-established, but

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through which air is forced, by the acts of breathing, into the cavity of

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efforts here will command for him the same high esteem and

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a combination of services that may help to untangle difficult clinical ques-

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frequency of such infections may be judged from the observations of

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cause of direct irritation. This fact has led some practitioners

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urine alkaline, they are also administered in uric acid diathesis.

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