is true ; but its imitation is so easy that a large number of criminals
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the cervix and perineum repaired, and afterward the
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in the amount of urine passed, it now averaging 5 40 daily, as
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the first stage of general paralysis is often good, but the patient does
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a part of our subject which will be considered here-
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" Report on Asylums for Inebriety in New Zealand and
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pyon, occurring in an enfeebled woman aged fifty-four. Sae-
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impression left that the clothing has been washed and not ironed ; but
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at a time and in succession ; movements which are probably due to irritation
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The principle of their curability then is this, that their
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development of a heightened virulence in a strain of hemohi:ic
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demics by getting hold of all the ''diphtheria carriers. "
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Sec. 2. Any person violating any of the provisions of this regulation shall,
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absolute reliance may be placed. We have before us one of these rare and
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quence did not appear; a similar condition obtains in macacus cyno-
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done with sufficient safety, celerity, and certainty to warrant a trial ? If so,
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day during her convalescence. The other case may prove
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neuralgia, hysteria, railway shock, etc. These s)mp-
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to the series of Historical articles commenced in this number, on the American Medi-
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gradual recognition of the fact that disease was not a mere
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and aid which might be valuable has to l^e rejected through fear that it may
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sitized bacteria the opsoniferous group appears to*be destroyed,
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wont to be treated by ignorant persons, who professed
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pseudopods toward air-cells in the microscopic prepara-
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presented this report, which was adopted. He stated
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is excluded on the other. The inlet of air is sometimes plugged
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Morgagni anticipated later reports of the 19th and 20th
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it may be, difficult as it may be, disagreeable as it may be,
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should drive a sliver or bone into the skull, or cause other brain
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containing carbonic acid, should be prescribed, in order, if possible,