must contain 0.5 percent sodium chloride to prevent hemolysis of
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length. Hence, with such reagents, water may be used
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promenades, entertainments, and all other places, and to communicate with
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The latter method requires the use of a comparator block
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formation of bone, when the lime salts may be deposited either in the cartilaginous
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of the HaJinemannian Monthly, — nothing more need be said,
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It is, therefore, always most important to determine the rhythm
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and intestines in another. Thence arise many of the more serious com-
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in a yellow cloud when a pollinating plant is disturbed. The air
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the following symptoms : Abdomen much bloated and fluctuating
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table before me. The thermometer ranges about 68° to 70 . There is always a
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nature of his condition, even to the minutest details. In actual
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scopical examination of the urinary sediment shows it to be
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The bearing of these observations on the manner in which the disease may
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C. M. Bennett, M. D., is associated with Dr. G. L. Miller, at Putnam, Conn.
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periment; that is, of a method of ascertaining certain effects of
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(4) The final step in the preparation of a culture medium is
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are inactivated at 56° C. for 30 minutes. They are then
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independently of climate, soil, or race, whenever the contagium, virus, or
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22 The figures in tables XIX and XX provide a stock solution that has 1.1000 times the
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