entered the tub with muttering delirium is often aroused to conscious-

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able, and should be stopped by law without delay. Haig

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then by the Scotch douche (alternation of 110° and 70°) for one minute

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done, relinquish it altogether. In chronic cases much damage may be

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easily foremost the spinal douche and other hydrotherapeutic measures,

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" While I enforce the method for its results, I am not enamored of

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(1) The primary morbid changes in the Peyer's patches and solitary

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or involuntary, which usually occur when the body comes in contact

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mineral-dust). As stated under the description of pneumonokoniosis

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fat is broken up, carried away, and cremated, as it were.

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Ktiology. — Bacteriology. — Experimental investigations have shown

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sands of limbs. In fractures at the lower end of the radius,

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and much trouble from stoppage avoided by the substitution of eight

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has been to avoid it if the best interest of the patient justified

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gradual manner in which the lesions develop ; and second, the pro-

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Streets. I mention this case here to show the changes that

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perature after admixture. Properly to adapt the douche to each case

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are Mitchell, father and son, Sinkler, Mills, Chapin, Dercum,

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direct inoculation, as show^n originally by Villemin's beautiful experi-

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the Allegheny Mountains, and worked in an electric-light

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performed about all of the obstetrical operations, from Caesa-

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early pears, whose status is not yet exactly known. Man-

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and also with a view to absorption, its mode of action in health will be

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only check hunger for a little while, and tissue hunger

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strates what may be accomplished at the patient's home. I will not

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but I do not see how it can be a true Brut wine at the price,

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young children. The adults and older children may enjoy immunity in

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patient recovers. Ihit while the proportion of deaths in. the present

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rubber tissue drainage and a dry dressing is efficient and good

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that facilities for ambulant hydriatic treatment should be connected

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the temperature and the increase of blood cells. This was confirmed

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tagonism exists between influenza and malaria,' and that during epi-

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woman of talent and especially well prepared from hospital

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In the early days San Francisco was a healthy town, and

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an occasional dose of phenacetin when the patient is restless with

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solids of the milk, leaving out the fats. It sours the milk by

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is not due to direct cooling, which really contracts the cutaneous ves-

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