dency to the formation of patches or wedges of fibrous tissue is charac-
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condition the patient scarcely speaks in an audible whisper. In such cases
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to come on in the street. Also developed little mannerisms. Two years
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mere moods more or less directly dependent upon the daily routine. When
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eyes directed toward the ground a short distance ahead, and takes short,
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But in aneurysm the impulse is expansile instead of to and fro, and the
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Microscopically, the amyloid change is generally found in the early
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religious and political conventions, and these depend largely upon the
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is rarely the case, the former manifests itself as a polyarthritis, the dis-
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to associated peritonitis, was a troublesome symptom.
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be entirely wanting. It is dull and boring in character, and localized
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and urinary symptoms are absent. The exclusion of lumbodynia and
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artery is thus retarded, owing to the gradual accumulation that takes
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There are several varieties of filarise that may be found in human
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curdy precipitate of albumin forms. The percentage of the latter by
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Acute transverse myelitis is the type most frequently met with, how-
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but his teachings on this point are not generally accepted. Simple anemia
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Professor of Comparative Pathology and Bacteriology, King's College,
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sweet puddings, cheese, dried meats, and all highly seasoned dishes.
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If unrecognized until the later stages have been run, suff'ocation may
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the case of impacted biliary calculi) it may radiate to the right shoulder
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den in its onset and rapid and often intensely acute in its progress, the
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atory. Minnich has reported a case in which the calculi were found in
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on which the diagnosis is based during the attack are similar to those
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Definition. — Corpulence, or the presence of an excessive amount of
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" How to Become a Nurse," etc. i6mo, 140 pages. Cloth, $1.00 net.
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When, however, a cycloplegic can be employed, the superior re-
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well because of a disturbance of some of the primary senses will, as we
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six months of five fatal cases of that vague disease called for want
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Roentgen Rays and Electro-Therapeutics. M. K. Kassabian. $3.50. J. B.
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dyspeptic symptoms and diarrhea come on sooner or later, and for this
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mucous membrane above the carcinoma may coexist late in life.
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The medicinal treatment of the acute stage must, of course,
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tions of the chest. They also produce bulging of the sternum, resulting
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ending either in resolution, suppuration, or chronic enlargement.
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cles below the knee, and also sensation to the outer half of the leg, the
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Occurs usually after the age of forty. Occurs at any age.
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and sometimes of the adjacent tissues as well. Small areas infiltrated