child, or to produce abortion or miscarriage, and shall thereby destroy such
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agement of Surgical Ca^es ?t Home." The next regular meeting
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this should be continued for some weeks, or until the patient is
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(a) anatomical causes, or (b) tension suf- of edema and difficulty in breathing,
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grain and a half, two grains, or even two grains and a half, without increasing the quantity
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and vascular action becomes the measure of its treatment.
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one-third more oxygen and one-half less carbonic dioxide,
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this case, remarks were made on the method of localizing small
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« Mtinchener mediclnische Wochenschrift, June 2, 1903.
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appointment of a physician to the presidency of the
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Odors — Of places, keep then clean; of persons, arising from a scrofulous
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has been killed by accident or dies of acute disease. It is
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in Dr. Copland's article on small-pox in his Dictionary, section
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ness or slight tremor with goitre, the excised tissue shows the normal structure
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limits should be placed to their performance. Poverty, mutual professional
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the face is usually uot involved. The drop in temperature with the
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treatment ; we should then prescribe nutritive diet £oft them, and even