indeed, reach a very great size ; it is more flattened than the
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character of the information which Dr. Flint^s book contains.
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described by writers, in which enucleation arrested the esta-
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latter, because the slight pressure is not sufficient to give rise to s-uch an
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7. On the seventh day. — Ten grains repeated in 30 minutes in one case;
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it, not what some one tells you you need to prevent ill-
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present impossible to discriminate by the microscope alone
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board, and then heard a noise like that of a spoon coming in contact with
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With a mind thus prepared, he entered upon the study of Medicine, under the
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can only arise from the mode of explaining the origin of uterine hemorrhage.
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lavishness with which the average individual distribute
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on this disease, states that the princip^ morbid phenomena which he
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divested of all fluid, was 280 pounds. These tumours do not appear to be con-
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that take place in the albumen of the blood under the in-
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Before the period to which the author's observations refer, many were affected
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pointed, the edges marked by a deep red border, having the appearance of
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roughly used tooth-brush, seems to cause a canker; it is
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in any other single instance be referred positively and directly
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3d, the cure is not owing to obliteration of the artery beyond the ligature, but
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when he applied to Dr. Smith; this was in the summer of 1839. A con-
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being frequently the case, and almost every author who .writes on the
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foxmd in Appendix), We do not advise gargling in acute
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the beginning, it would be easy to obtain proof of such an opinion ;
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ble in boiling water, but not a trace could be detected by nitric acid and
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phosphorus, of a very obscure character, especially as to its nature,
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into the annals of judicious surgery, there is no doubt; but it is yet in its infanc)",
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the parts still covered by epithelium. Again, he objects that
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the increase of temperature, and fearing lest the plan aaopted to
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Of the nine chapters into which the work is divided, the first,
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tage to us, not directly only, by revealing changes of tissue
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stock. Destructive epidemics occur most frequently and most violently in
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On Union by the First Intention after Lithotomy, — Professor
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or conversation — and tubercle bacilli, as well as other
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umbrici. She was going on much the same, when dyspnoea came on
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Will the excitant properties of the tonic tend more to exaggerate the ac-
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hollow of the tooth, filling all its anfractuosities, and becoming as compact as if
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