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New Entries. — The new entries this session in the University of
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condition of the patients was most satisfactory, and not a single case of
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by the use of the thermometer. A blister over the womb almost cer-
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alluded to the opportunities afforded by the hospital to all the students
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or from the Physician or Surgeon with whom the candidate has been residing ; {2) of
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displacement, that forwards, was universally met with in the ten cases j
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Degree of M.D. in the twelfth term after his inauguration as M.A. with-
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Papers, coupled with the name of Dr. Sibson." [Applause.]
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Dr. Carnochan and Parker had not made an examination of the alleged
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Philipson, as Local .Secretary, said it woultl afford him very sincere
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ness, how determined. Some hard waters are softened by boiling,
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voters object. The result of the ballot at the next Council cannot there-
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Fire Damp. Sulphide of Hydrogen (.Sulphuretted Hydrogen). Cha-
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There were too many surgeons, too much material to transport, too
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of giving a nourishing diet to women immediately, or soon after, parturi-
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S[)ringof knowledge As .sensible would it be to despise and question
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to offer in view of the happy termination of the suit ; and that is, that
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a law at all ; at the same time, it must be rememberel that in physical
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nent sources of infection; 7* because true syphilis can so rarely be de-
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the island and the city, and it is feared that the contagion has spread
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tion. He was quite satisfied that it was the proper course, independently
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spector, on whose report the Poor-law Board consented to its being
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ing 7,531 out of that number. A subdistrict death-rate, therefore,
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at Plymouth, that nothing shall be wanting, so far as industry can go,
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tive relations with benignant nature. Now-a-days nature was helped
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All Letters and Com}Hunicaiio?is _for the Journal, to he addressed to the Editor,
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Wax Models, illustrating the Anatomy of the Eye, the Internal Ear,
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thing to have people going to two, three, or four hospitals at once, and
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has been appointed Honorary Secretary to the Association.
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symptoms in all were curiously alike. Hemiplegia, on the left side,
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to the working of the Metropolitan Asylums Act of 1867; and Mr.
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all the diseases of infection are due to the organisms of fermentation. —
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exuded here. The vertebra; were perfectly healthy. On removing the
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next the Meadows, will probably be laid out as a pleasure-ground ; and
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disease, for in affections of the lower surface the very sign is recorded.
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something like it in women not bearing children, but liable to uterine
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the effects of sea-air /fr se, the practical value of the knowledge gained
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tion of the principal diseases met with in the Army, on home or foreign