they turn outwards, and in section present a remarkably thick
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but he thought there were occasions outside where it
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system. The fear of driving in an eruptive process has often pro-
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would be guided necessarily by the demands of their patrons.
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met with after death vary considerably in different cases.
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of the catarrhal sounds ; she became more drowsy ; her head
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association of air with the pus — pyopneumothorax.
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probable that with this gradual failure there was developed
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AniorcM y Villanova (J.) Fiebre amarilla en la isla
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duction. I had no hesitation in making a diagnosis of
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of the muscles of the limbs and trunk, grinding of the teeth, etc. The
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sum collected — a proportion far in excess of that for the Sunday
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of that seen in leprosy — " leonine expression ; '*
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Confusion is the more likely to arise because the caput femoris is in
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back of the external sphincter, and if the penis is thoroughly cleansed
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through, the peritoneum, from the anterior superior spine to the middle
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of the virus, its location m the body and the means by which the disease
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15888 (par. 13), 19555, 20117 (par. 15), 22535 (par. 3), 25264 (par. 8), 28796
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coaptation and retained in situ, then the other measures necessary to a
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in all others of delayed puerperal haemorrhage that I have
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At the end of 1882 he had an attack of measles, which
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time was gained for the arrival of a surgeon, who then tied
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(«. A--'/,-.w,^v//. t'naip), .iiui iluTi- tn.iv be .i U-u Jipl,H-..>vi (,S7„-,v.-r.,„ „,
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and gradually culminate, and, as a consequence, that the patient becomes
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or detrusor, relaxes slowly without much increase in
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add little t<> the value of the book, and in the oj)inion of the reviewer,
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the X-rays showed marked changes in the bones about the joints. In
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low order of intellect, came under my care in the Coombe Hospital in the
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subject specially intended for non-specialists. After describing
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nine ; if it occur suddenly, from the third to the sixth
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tube nearest the cavity, and running a full inch through its walls. The
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2. Flexors, same experiment, leg flexed, greatest ad-
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succeeds the period of excitement and drifts rather rapidly into coma.
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liver contained cloudy hepatic cells ; indistinct cells with nuclei and nucle-
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tain period It lies for a time absolutely dormant, .... but at length the tissue on
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J3 not at all rare for a patient to have dull headache, increasing