by the aid of a stout scalpel ; (tickling a bubo with a lancet

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through the soft parts three inches long was made ; commencing opposite

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Operation (with Dr. Valadier of Paris) . Various teeth,

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with a hammer, the action of the heart ceases. Let the conditions

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ever, state, that the results already arrived at have been for the

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aged 25 years, medium height, robust and compactly built. Upon

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The mixture is now put into the net (which may be convenient-

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must be to facts, not to mere notions. The facts must be ascertained by

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Patient has taken cod-liver oil, but the stomach cannot retain it. R. Acid

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again absorbed by the blood-vessels, to supply the combust-

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ratio elenchi in the Appendix, but which I shall notice in its

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Dr. John H. Griscom, one of the Physicians to the New York Hospital,

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tice. For example ; after a violent comminuted fracture, is it bet-

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skin, the palid countenance, slow breathing, &c, on one hand,

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portion of the animal food consumed in the United States, as

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of the cold water, though less frequently, viz., twice or thrice a-

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it. . The profession itself, speaking in its conventions, its societies, and

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When the desired impression is immediate and energetic,

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— Dr. Kinloch, (Charleston Med. Jour.) reports a case of the excision of

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the ice appears established by the dropping of the brine, it is readv

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pain, from the delivery of the foetus to the commencement of the hemor-

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torated, and vice versa. The matter from both places being of the same

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matter of some difficulty, for it is ordinarily the result of the pre-

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page to page throughout a long line of standard publications.

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cases, to consider, most fully, the true therapeutical action of

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an's ? But few Americans pass the prime of life without suffering

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ismal sac itself was thin and in some places translucent, and full

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and, as he was suffering, 60 drops of laudanum were given to allay

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is placed sufficiently low to compel the cord to curve upward in

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fully taking away all scales and crusts, and then rubbing the edge

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value. The presence of a projectile may be forced on

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tled^ preference in any branch. In this manner they would unques-

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accident, it has been frequently found of the greatest moment in the trial of

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in his able and instructive paper on deformity after fracture of the