LEGISLATION: Physicians’ assistants: a step closer: (GS)

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their appetites improve, the night-sweats diminish, the expec-

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were met with the peculiar interpretation that pus and

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There are certain other substances which when present in urine make the

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rapidly, but without violence or precipitation, for, although

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spring. It is now generally admitted that the bacillus of Pfeiffer is

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100 for another ten days. The arrhythmia became less and less marked, until

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been vaccinated seven times, and had had small-pox seven times. She

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The diet during the dry stage should consist of liquid forms of nourishment,

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for whom she felt sorry. As a result, she is scheduled to appear before the BOSSE (Board of

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opinion as Dr. Peabody, but Grehant andQuinquand com-

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can be easily removed from the pia mater. The pia mater ad-

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Huxley, were elected Fellows to the State Convention.

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MARY F. LACHMAN, M.D., attending pathologist and Director of

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death so sure, yet indirect and terrible, as starvation, when

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The general conviction of the delegates was that the

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difference), tremor of the tongue and lips, slurring and imperfect

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wound there is nothing to be desired, but the general

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Description. — The aristolochia has a perennial, aro-

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lent, usually more or less foul, material are so nearly diagnostic of

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with nearly perfect vision. The aviator needs perfect vision and a

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with the infected material upon the surface of ordinary agar. In

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which we invite medical gentlemen to call and inspect. The principle of

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tween the extent, degree, and duration of the paraly- ] that the patient has had no convulsion, you will have

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