Part II. — The Factors in the Inflammatory Process
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quick, fair volume and tension and the wall of the artery not sclerosed. The
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croupous pneumonia (Yan Swieten, " Comment. , " IV. , p. 189) . Under
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Heart Load wo Per Cent and Over. — These cases had a distinct
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be applied to the abdominal aorta about four inches above the umbili-
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Heart Load Under 40 Per Cent. — The seventeen cases of this group
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plicating valve lesions, in extreme stenosis, and in mitral affections.-
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morning the hemoglobin had returned more or less completely to the
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easy possibility. The life history of the tubercle bacillus is probably by
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presystolic or diastolic. It is a sign of very great value in diag-
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of pellagra in 1910. Two daughters died of pellagra in 1908 and 1910. One son
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of the kidney might have sooner suggested the use of hot baths in
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cal therapeutics, and it is unscientific to rest content with the diagno-
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to the genetic relation of any one cell type to another, in regard to the
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several weeks or even several months after all the local signs of
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coming dilated; or the thrombus may contract toward one side of the
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jjearance which is known as the " nutmeg" liver. The nutmeg liver
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more than a mere retardation of the circulation, and have, moreover,
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vision when the eyes were strongly directed to one side or the other.
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Cohn found in one case fine crystalline stellate needles of fat in the
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that if there is such a path, other paths are present which are capable
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The condition is also pretty clearly indicated in the presence of