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lie believes tliat the irritation caused by the excrementitious sub-

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pressure. " The permanence of the injury in the case of endocarditis

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drawn frequently by a suitable catheter. Spinal injuries ought to

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necessary additional irritation to cause the break-down.

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exists only for a limited time, and does not require treatment. Chil-

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asation of blood, lymph, and serum into the tissues. The white

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spiratory apparatus, shortness of breath and dj-spnoea, which are in-

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exhausted. The symptoms of tertiary syphilis are so varied, numer-

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gout invades the larger articulations with manifestations like those

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main features of ursemic or renal asthma: A man, aged sixty-two years,

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is very great, for the abundant study which has been devoted to it of recent

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or surgical kidney. But aside from the embolic variety, acute nephritis —

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settled conviction that gout is only a special manifestation of a ten-

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ology, that complete arrest of the excretory functions of the kidneys, although

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appreciable to the eye is a decidedly uncommon symptom. In forms of

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organs and in another to disease behind the kidneys, it cannot be fully carried

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temperature or to lay the patient up. The textures involved are the

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graved picture, showing its lawns, foot-paths, shrubs,

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five degrees Fahr. during the attack. Thus it is evident that all the

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their mineral ingredients. Some of them, like the waters of Teplitz,

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culiarities of individual organs ; indeed, peculiarity of an entire organ

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Beef Broth and Oatmeal Gruel. — Mix half a cup of oatmeal

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order to secure their healthful action. The tendency to constipation